Library Guidelines

Chestermere Lake Middle School

Library Guidelines



Library Guidelines


Students should have a pass signed by the teacher when coming to work independently the Library.

Students need to be respectful of other students. Silence is not necessary.

Food, candy is not allowed in the library.

Water bottles should have a pop up lid at all times, please no bottles with screw tops.

Students are encouraged to return their books on time and in good condition.


Check out procedures.


Books are checked out for three weeks.

Students may renew books for an additional 3 weeks, please bring books with you at time of renewal.

Students may have 3 fiction or non fictions books at a time. (Not including text books).

Students cannot check another book or renew books if fines are present.


Lost/Damaged Books


Students are requested to pay for books that are damaged beyond repair or lost.

Students may not check out another book until damaged or lost book fines are paid.


Computer Use.


NO Facebook or unacceptable website to be used while in the library.

A teacher or library personal must sign out Mac Laptops for students.

Laptops must stay inside the Library and on a flat surface, unless directly supervised by your teacher.

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