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It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over. With the end of the 2016-­2017 school year only four weeks away, there is a great deal happening around CLMS. We have recently completed the 2017-­2018 School Education Plan (SEP). The purpose of the SEP is to determine the direction in which we will work to move our school next year. We reviewed RVS goals and set strategies to reach them. We would like to thank the Parent Council and the teachers for helping us in this process. The SEP will be posted to our website later this month. The Grade 9 class of 2017 is ready to set sail for the high school. Our farewell celebration will take place on Thursday, June 22. Our evening will be a semi-­formal event, starting at 6:30. There will be a formal program which will include awards, a slideshow presentation as well as a pot luck with finger food for everyone to enjoy. Take a look for the photo booth to catch those very special memories of your grade 9 student at this celebration.
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