Important information for Parents


An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device used to simulate tobacco smoking. It is filled with a liquid, which will produce a vapor that resembles smoke. Some of the liquids used in electronic cigarettes contain nicotine while others do not. The liquid is often flavored which increases the novelty of the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes often have little to no odor making them appear to be more acceptable to smoke in public. At this time, the adverse impact on one’s health due to the use of electronic cigarettes is not known and it is being proposed that they be regulated. There is concern that these devices can lead to nicotine addiction and other possible side effects.

It has been discovered that these cigarettes can be used to smoke cannabis.  By putting marijuana oil in to the device, instead of the intended liquid, marijuana can be smoked and the smell of it is essentially eliminated, making it easier to conceal. This marijuana oil is much more potent than its solid form. The integrity in which this oil is produced is also questionable and could lead to significant health concerns.

In order to ensure safety for all students, electronic cigarettes and oils are not permitted at school.  These are considered a banned substance.  As such, should students bring these to school, they will face confiscation of the materials and possible consequences.


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Mrs. Rahn

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