CLMS Code Social Media

March 15, 2017

Good morning!

It has come to my attention that an Instagram account has been made in my name. I do not have social media and I do not approach students to follow me. While I am the principled principal and we do have lovely students here, I would not post about our school. According to our Code of Professional Conduct, we are discouraged from using social media and discouraged from friending students.

Our school uses RVS approved communication tools, such as Power School, Twitter, and blogs. If your child receives any social media invites from a staff member, please ask them to delete it. To communicate with students, we use the RVS google address only. To communicate with parents, we use Powerschool, teacher RVS accounts, the CLMS account, or parent email addresses.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Mrs. Rahn

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