June News update

June News Update


Good afternoon, parents, students and community members.


We would like to acknowledge the following staff members who are leaving the CLMS community this year:


Mrs. Cathy Barsony – Mrs. Barsony has worked with us for 17 years. She is the receptionist and secretary at the school. She greets parents, students and community members with a bright smile. Over the course of her time at CLMS, she has learned several programs for report cards and information processing. She is the lead PowerSchool secretary, entering all of the teacher and student timetables so we know where everyone is at a given time. Her ability to stop what she is doing to answer phones or help parents, students or staff has been invaluable. And she does this with a smile! Mrs. Barsony is retiring! Yippee!! She will be missed greatly!


Ms Clara Chan – Ms Chan started her teaching career at CLMS in 2007. She worked on the grade 6 team, teaching math and science and then the grade 7 team, teaching social studies and language arts. Ms Chan has a passion for cooking and baking. This passion led her to teach these courses and take classes so she could bring the love of cultural cuisine to the students. Ms Chan is a global citizen, spending time in her summers travelling to help others in far away places. Ms Chan has coached grade 6 sports teams and been a valued member of the CLMS staff. Best of luck at your new school!


Mrs. Kathy Golby – Mrs. Golby started with CLMS when it was located in the high school. She opened the middle school in 2000 and has been our financial secretary since then. Mrs. Golby is incredibly good at her job. She balances our budgets, keeps track of fundraising we do for outside agencies, collects school fees and keeps teachers on track with their purchases of resources and materials. She, like Mrs. Barsony, has great patience for the multiple interruptions in her day. Mrs. Golby is also retiring! Yippee!! She will be missed very much, indeed.


Mrs. Bernice Howden – Mrs. Howden joined our Learning Support Team this year. She moved from Fort McMurray with her husband and four children. Mrs. Howden brought substantial expertise in the areas of learning difficulties, and high school programming. She shared this understanding with staff and students, setting high expectations for learning and behavior in her classes. She was also excellent with supporting parents as they tried to navigate programming options at the high school or alternate programs. Her focus on student needs is commendable. Thanks for your hard work this year!



Dates to remember:


Wednesday June 28- last day of classes for grade 6-8 students. Report cards will be given to your child at the end of the day.


Thursday June 29 – last day of classes for grade 9 students


Friday June 30 – report card pick up for grade 9 students from . Please note, we will release report cards to students or parents of the student only.


September 1 - Class lists available at the school office from 11 -1. Please note, no photographs of the lists are permitted for security reasons.


September 5 – first day of classes!! We open doors at 7:50.


September 8 – Pancake Breakfast from 8-9:30 on the playground at the back of the school



Note from Mrs. Rahn


I will be leaving the school at the end of June to take a position in Langdon. I started at CLMS in a grade 6 classroom, teaching science and math. I worked as the assistant principal before taking on the role of principal. I have learned so much in our school and community. I have enjoyed serving the families and students of CLMS.


Your new principal is Mr. Woodward. He has experience as an administrator at Kathryn School in Rocky View. I’m sure he will enjoy the community! Mr. Crane will continue as our Assistant Principal.

Have a safe and happy summer!


Mrs. Rahn

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