Morning Mumbles

Today is the last day for grade 6 PAT exams. There will be a modified schedule again before we break and move to the gym for the Awards Ceremony.

Block 1

8:10 – 8:45


8:45 – 8:55

Block 2

8:55 - 9:50

Block 3

9:50 - 10:45

Block 4

10:45 - 11:45


11:45 - 12:05


12:05 - 12:10

Block 5

Awards Ceremony


ATTENTION ART STUDENTS:  The very last day to pick up artwork before it is recycled is TODAY (Friday)!!!  There are canvas paintings, watercolours, drawings, and ceramics to be claimed!


Just a reminder that our annual sports day will be held on June 28! Please do not forget:

- Dress for the weather

- Bring Sunscreen

- Bring Bugspray

- Bring a water bottle!


The kiosk will stay open as long as there is food left, but please be aware that we will run out of certain things and the availability will be getting less and less as the end of the year approaches.


The Student Voice Club has organized monthly volunteer trips to the Mustard Seed Sorting Center as a year long project. The Seed needs help! While the Seed has a multitude of donations they often lack in certain areas. We are looking to fill this gap. Donations of towels, mens/womens new underwear, mens deodorant, razors, and shaving cream are in very short supply. Please bring donations to Mrs. Masson's room (1063). We will be accepting donations for the remainder of the year and will make multiple trips to deliver the products.


Due to unsafe and unproductive conditions in the gym during the 2nd half of lunch, changes need to be made to ensure student safety and promote more positive play. Starting on Wednesday, December 7th:

-ONLY grade 6/7 students will be allowed in the gym on MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS (8/9’s can still rent equipment to go outside)

-ONLY grade 8/9 students will be allowed in the gym on TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS (6/7’s can still rent equipment to go outside)

All students wishing to rent out equipment in the gym will need a student ID or bus pass, and be organized in small groups for productive play.












































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