RVS Student transportation

Sent on behalf of Board Chair Todd Brand


Over the months of January to April 2018, Rocky View Schools (RVS) Board of Trustees will be hosting a consultation aimed at addressing an anticipated $1 million shortfall to our transportation budget. Specifically, we are asking our parents and staff to provide feedback on several cost-saving measures and/or proposals to transfer monies from instruction (classroom funding) to transportation.


To kick off this process, a four-page informational communique and an online survey have been prepared for you to review and complete by February 16. We also invite you to attend one of three public meetings to be held:


  • February 12 - City of Airdrie - RVS Education Centre - 7 pm
  • February 13 - Town of Cochrane – Cochrane High - 7 pm
  • February 15 - City of Chestermere - Chestermere High - 7 pm


The public and staff will have the opportunity to present to the Board of Trustees at its March 1 public board meeting, as guided by Policy 7 Board Operations, section 9, and later that month a second online survey will be emailed, asking you to select your preferred transportation efficiency bundle. The Board will deliberate its decision on this matter on April 12.


Since 2008 transportation costs have risen by 17.83 percent, while grant revenues rose by only 1.27 percent over the same time period. This shortfall in funding is further compounded by a $360,000 levy for carbon, as well as a new Transportation Fee Replacement Grant that penalizes growing boards like RVS because it is based on 2015/16 fees and student counts.


To guide its decision-making, the Board established three planning principles: ensure services continue to be safe for students; share the responsibility for balancing the transportation deficit among communities; and maintain current educational program offerings.


Our Board hopes you will join in this student transportation consultation by becoming more informed about the deficit in funds and participating in the consultation activities highlighted above.

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