Hot Lunch Program at CLMS

It’s Time to Get CLMS Hot Lunch Program Rolling!

Hot Lunch is the biggest fundraiser for our School Council.  Not only is it a volunteer-run program but kids love the treat day!

CLMS Hot Lunch Program 2017/18




Code: CLM2017-18HL

EVERYONE MUST REGISTER AND CREATE A USER ID AND PASSWORD BY ENTERING THE NEW SCHOOL ACCESS CODE, EVEN IF YOUR CHILD WAS REGISTERED LAST YEAR. Our system is reset each school year. Add your child or children’s name and grade under the Student Tab.  Each grade is divided alphabetically by surname.  As well, there is group for CLMS staff,  all staff names should all be entered under the student tab.

**When the first menu is ready for you to order, only those who have a User ID and Password will get an email letting them know it is open for orders.  This year we are only acepting payment through Paypal.  No cash or cheques will be accepted.

You will receive a courtesy email the day before each Hot Lunch Wednesday reminding you what you have ordered for your child / children.

If your child is absent and you would like their Hot Lunch saved, you must call the office and ask that it be sent aside.  Failure to do so will result in the lunch being donated.

You will see a $5 donation button at the bottom of each menu. This money is used by the CLMS CDA to include children who are not able to take part in this program and would otherwise not be included. You are not required to donate, but if you do, please know that between 8-15 students within our school received lunch through this program due to your generous donation!

All volunteers need to have a criminal record check done and on file in the office. There is no cost to have this done through the school and forms are available in the office or online.

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