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Lunch Procedures

EATING TIME Grab your lunch and find a place to eat in the forum

  • Students are to stay seated as much as possible. They will be asked to remain seated by a supervisor if they are wandering.
  • Throw your garbage and recyclables in the appropriate containers and return to the area in which you were seated.
  • Students need to keep the areas in front of the office, boot rooms, kiosk and any other exit, clear of bodies. These are high traffic areas and need to be kept clear.
  • During the lunch period teachers will circulate with garbage bins to assist with  garbage pickup during the eating period.
  • Check your eating area for garbage and be sure it is clean before you leave.
  • If you are not done eating, they go to the forum and finish their lunch there.

After you have cleaned up your lunch garbage, please proceed to an area of choice for the break. The choices are:

  • Forum (the forum is the only place food is allowed during this break.)
  • Learning Commons
  • Outside
  • Gym

If you are returning to your locker to put away lunch/get equipment before you go to your area of choice, please go directly there and then to an area of choice. The halls should be clear within 5 minutes.

*Check with homeroom teacher regarding updated kiosk procedures**

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