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Hello, students and parents!

My name is Mr. Zimmer and I am the homeroom teacher for 8Z students. This year I will be teaching Science to my homeroom 8Z and Mr. Bolze's 8B students and also Science 9C. My teaching partners will be Mr. Bolze, who teaches the humanites courses to both 8Z and 8B and Mr. Goldie who will teach math.

To locate assignments for all courses, please click on the Google Classroom Icon below and login using your child's Id (firstnamemiddleinitiallastname) and google password.

I believe that parent-teacher relationships are necessary for maximum school success. Throughout the year I will communicate with parents through telephone calls, emails, Powerschool, report cards and parent-teacher conferences. I encourage you to contact me if you have any concerns regarding your student’s progress. Please know that I will respond but not during instructional time.

The majority of parent communication about the learning in our classroom will take form through PowerSchool, Google Classroom, and email.  Please ensure that you have shared your email information with me and check your email regularly for news.

If you ever have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please contact me:



Mr. Zimmer

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