21st Century Learner Competencies

21 C Competencies Innovator Financially/economically Literate Information & Media Literate Civically Engaged Collaborator Critical Thinker Self-directed Learner Globally Aware Communicator Problem Solver

At the heart of RVS' learner competencies is the principle that education must prepare students fully for their lives as individuals and as members of society - with the capacity to achieve their goals, contribute to their communities, and continue learning throughout their lives. RVS' learner competencies is a set of intellectual, personal, and social skills that all students need to develop in order to engage in deeper learning — learning that encourages students to look at things from different perspectives, to see the relationships between their learning in different subjects, and to make connections to their previous learning and to their own experiences. We invite you to explore each competency, to see what we believe is the continuum of growth from K-12, and to provide feedback as we look to solidify our beliefs of skills needed to develop the whole child - intellectually, personally and socially.

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