The 4R's in Action

Chestermere Lake Middle School believes in:

Respect for individuality.
Responsibility as learners, educators, and friends.
Relationships; the foundation of all learning.
Realization of goals and dreams.

All of these combine at Chestermere Lake Middle School is to ensure the basis for educational excellence. Believing that personal success is the result of respect, responsibility and self confidence, we are proud of the positive attitude, energy and behavior exhibited by staff and students. The school environment promotes a sense of belonging that enables each student to develop to their fullest potential. CLMS addresses the unique characteristics and development of the adolescent within a safe and caring environment.

The Spirit of Success

A sense of spirit is the foundation of Chestermere Lake Middle School. Spirit brings the school together through mutual respect, supportive learning environments, athletics, the fine arts, and community goodwill. This is evidenced through:

  • A Student success approach incorporating:
  • A homeroom teaches advocate.
  • A focus on student ownership in the areas of attendance, behavior, participation, academics, extracurricular and social development and service
  • Resiliency support - programs including mentorship and child development
    advisor support.
  • Peer Support made up of select groups of trained grade 6,7 and 8 students.
  • A flexible and responsive Special Needs Program.
  • Strong parental involvement through an effective School Council and active Volunteer Partnership Program.
  • Participating in the Rocky View School Division Extra Curricular Athletic Program.
  • A comprehensive Fine Arts Program.
  • Access to Technology and Web Resources, that promotes learning for young adolescents.

Our Innovative Focus

Chestermere Lake Middle School students learn more than the basic curricular requirements as they move from dependence to independence. They are encouraged to explore, improve their understanding, expand their knowledge and question the world around them through:

  • The use of technology.
  • The Creative Arts.
  • French as a second language.
  • Research Skills.
  • Special Needs Programs.
  • The core curricula (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social and Phys. Ed) incorporates varieties of learning modalities, special needs, and individuality.

Parental Involvement

One of the school's great strengths is parental involvement. The Chestermere Lake Middle School offers opportunities for parents to become involved in their child's school and education. The volunteer program continues to grow with close to one-hundred participants active in the school.

"We are so lucky to have such a supportive staff and administration that are open to parents being in the school"
CLMS Volunteer Partnership Parent

Chestermere Middle School Council

The Middle School Council functions as an organization whose members consists of parents, staff and community members. This Council provides leadership and works cooperatively to support the goals and aspirations of the total school community. In an advisory capacity, the Council is working towards helping to set school policy, providing guidelines for the budget, affecting discipline, helping to set school programs and providing input to the school education plan. Some activities that the Council is involved in are the Volunteer Program where volunteers work with teachers and students, and the Hot Lunch Program which supplies our funding.

We are a member of the Alberta Home and School Councils' Association and the Alberta Middle School Association and in turn have a voice in education at all levels. The Council is comprised of 12 parents, a teacher representative, a community representative and the principal. We are fashioned after a representative model, meeting on a monthly basis with 1 or 2 open meetings scheduled each school year. If you would like to become a member of the Council, or if you are interested in joining either the volunteer program, or the Hot Lunch Program, please watch for notices in the school newsletter. Plan to get involved, as these programs benefit all our community. For further information, please call the Chairperson at CMS at 273-1343.

Athletic Program

Chestermere Athletics is dedicated to offering something for everyone. Getting involved is a major theme in Middle School. Historically, over two thirds of our students participate in either a team sport or an individual sport. The teams generally have one or two practices per week.

We offer both school division teams in the following areas: soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and badminton. The middle school philosophy encourages high participation and therefore there is a gradual emphasis from low competition in grade six to a more highly skilled and competive competition at the grade eight level. It is the intent to provide a team or club that will accommodate all students who wish to participate in an athletic activity. Please contact the Middle School Athletic Director, Coach Ross, for further information.

CLMS Teams:

For grades 7, 8 and 9: Girl's Volleyball, Boy's Volleyball, Girl's Basketball, Boy's Basketball, Track and Field for boys and girls

For grade 6: Boy's Soccer, Girl's Soccer, Track and Field, and Badminton

Code of Conduct

Whether I am a player or a spectator at a school athletic function, I realize that I am under the school's jurisdiction. Because my actions reflect on the school that I represent, I recognize my responsibility to exemplify the highest standards of conduct.

I will:

  • offer constructive support of my team, rather than criticize the opposition.
  • show appreciation of good plays by both teams.
  • as a host, welcome the visitors as guests, offering all possible assistance.
  • as a visitor, respect the property of the host school, and accept the host regulations.
  • recognize the officials' integrity, realizing the difficulty of their decisions.
  • accept the officials' decisions as final.
  • respect the feelings of all participants, and show sympathy for an injured or disqualified player.
  • learn the rules of the game (and play by them at all times).
  • accept either victory or defeat graciously, respecting the efforts displayed by all.
  • express thanks to those responsible for the opportunity to enjoy a school sports activity.
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