Innovation by Design


To achieve our Four-Year Plan, Innovators by Design, our school focus this year is on creating a safe learning environment for both our in-person and online learners and staff.

It has been almost a year since COVID has turned everyone’s world upside down. In every corner, people and organizations have been asked to adapt, be resilient and be creative in moving forward. We started the year with many questions from community, students and staff on what education would look like. This was unchartered territory for all of us, and there was a high level of anxiety. It has been through mindful and thoughtful steps forward that we have been able to implement protocols and procedures that would allow us to educate our students the best we can amid unusual and trying circumstances. Not only were we faced with the challenge of navigating in-person learning, but on-line learning as well. Staff and students, as well as their families, have had to be ready to move quickly and seamlessly from in-person to online when cases of COVID sent entire classes home for isolation.

Creating and working within this new environment has been met with a sense of dedication and resilience by our staff. We have been able to create a workflow that has seen our students be able to carry on their education either both in-person and online when necessary. There is a strong sense of efficacy thatwe can rise to the challenge and while not perfect, has been quite successful.

Please Click on this link to view our "Innovators by Design" document

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