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Chestermere Lake Middle School Dress Code


Our dress code is in place to promote a safe and respectful learning environment. We expect both staff and students to follow these guidelines. The following items are NOT ACCEPTABLE at school:

• hats, hoods up, or bandanas (unless it is a special event).

• tube tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, or tops with plunging necklines, gaping arm holes, open backs, or sheer material.

• undergarments that are showing.

• belly/stomach showing.

• skirts shorter than the ends of fingertips when arms are fully extended.

• shorts with inseams less than 4” long. Err on the side of modesty.

• t-shirts with offensive/suggestive comments or cartoons, or with double innuendos. •

distressed jeans that are revealing or threadbare in patches. Visible undergarments or too much skin are not acceptable.

• bare feet and/or no shirt. Students and staff who choose to wear the above clothing or accessories to school will be asked to change into their gym strip or cover up. If the wearer has nothing suitable available, something will be provided from the office.

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