CLMS Quick Facts

Chestermere Lake Middle School Quick Facts

Chestermere Lake Middle School opened on May 16th, 2001

Current student population: 882

School phone number: 403-273-1343    General school email:

School website:

  • Grade Team information can be found on any page under "Quick Links"  or at
  • On Friday September 1st, parents and students will receive a welcome email from their homeroom teacher. On the same day, it will also open on PowerSchool.


Students have the option to bring in their own laptop or use a school owned one (which will not be allowed to leave school property). As we have a limited number of laptops available, the preferred method is to have their own.

If using school owned laptop, an agreement would need to be signed by both the student and parents. In the event of severe damage to a school laptop, a replacement fee will be issued. For additional information regarding laptop usage/service agreements, please contact our Learning Commons Facilitator, Mrs. Tracy Bell at


Key Contacts

Principal: Mr. John-Mark Crane

  • Administration questions and concerns

Assistant Principals: Mrs. Schultz & Mrs Connolly

  • Administration questions and concerns
  • Provincial Achievement Tests.


Chestermere Lake Middle School Mission Statements:

  • We are a progressing learning community that embraces and celebrates the diverse talents and abilities of all members.
  • We strive to be forward-thinking and to build the skills and attitudes for a successful future.
  • We see our school as the centre of the community – a place where students, staff, parents and community members feel a sense of pride and belonging.
  • We want our partners in learning to be excited, active participants who develop meaningful connections within the school community.
  • We strive to create an environment where all members feel safe, respected, values and appreciated.
  • We embrace individual differences and dreams by encouraging our learners to be the best they can be, using their talents and gifts.


Chestermere Lake Middle School Belief Statements:

  • We believe that learners should be actively involved in creating, sharing and reflecting.
  • We create self-directed learning environments, where students can pursue and discover talents and acquire transferable skills.
  • We believe that the education of a whole child involves the developments of their academic, physical, social and emotional skills.
  • We engage students to grow to be well-balanced citizens who are prepared to invest in society.
  • We believe that reaching success comes as a result of individual effort, teamwork and support from all community members.
  • We celebrate strengths and talents that reflect the rich diversity of our community.


Chestermere Lake Middle School 4R’s in Action:

  • Respect for individuality.
  • Responsibility as learners, educators, and friends.
  • Relationships; the foundation of all learning.
  • Realization of goals and dreams.

All these combined at Chestermere Lake Middle School are to ensure the basis for educational excellence. Believing that personal success is the result of respect, responsibility and self confidence, we are proud of the positive attitude, energy and behaviour exhibited by staff and students. The school environment promotes a sense of belonging that enables each student to develop to their fullest potential. CLMS addresses the unique characteristics and development of the adolescent within a safe and caring environment.


As a school within the Rocky View Schools’ division, Chestermere Lake Middle promotes 21st Century learning.

A 21st Century Learner is…

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