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Parents important message: Internet usage

Dear Parents and Students,Inter

We have increased out student access to technology for learning.  We have several types of devices: iPads, Macbooks and Chromebooks.  Students also bring their own devices iPads, iPods, phones, androids,  Macbooks, Windows PC, Chromebooks.  We knew when we moved to digital learning, we would see increased use of the bandwidth.  We are running into some difficulties with connectivity to the internet.  Several factors are affecting our connectivity:

  1. iPhone use
  2. Streaming videos at school
  3. Playing or creating games at school

Our policy is to keep phones in the lockers during the day, unless the classroom teacher has asked for the phone to be used for the class.

Parents. We need your support with our school policies.  Students, please place your phones in lockers, in airplane mode.  At break and lunch, you can check your phones.  Please do not think this precludes you. Students, please do not stream music and videos at school.  This takes too much bandwidth.   I am asking for all of us to meet these expectations.

If we all make a few changes, we can all access the internet with more consistency and better service.


Thank you

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